Our life is a love song… Accept and embrace!

The celebrations of Easters and Holi is not yet over when I woke up to the news of terrorist attack in our neighboring countries. The hatred and intolerance today chained our thinking and broken the world into fragments. The sky overhead is covered with black cloud almost all over the globe. The only sunshine of hope that used to see the entire world one day, is concerned on fragmented smaller issues now.

Those who does not have any self belief cannot create anything. The only objective then remains to amass the wealth around. The difference between creation and the collector is that the creator always is remembered in history, while the collector is fighting the bloodbath battle.

Before I could forget the trauma of this terrorized attack another human engineering failure led to the collapse of a bridge in Kolkata. The people who lost their lives, their family grieving in my neighborhood, have overshadowed the other sufferings happening in the greater world. The only prayer this time is with those families who have lost their bread earners. My prayer also goes with the ones injured wishing them early recovery.

This is the high time when the world of music unites the world torn apart with bondage of love and harmony. Music is unity music is harmony.