In search of soulful music

Living in a big city often is a disadvantage. Here we need to interact with so many people day in day out, sometimes meaningless encounter that I find it difficult to interact with myself. Moreover in profession of singing many often we are asked to sing songs which never touched my soul. It is just singing for masses without a purpose, where my intrinsic rhythm gets lost in the crowd. The village girls going distance to fetch drinking water stops by the tree shade to collect the fallen fruits, some ripe some unripe but yet never stray from their objective of reaching the destination.

The world so wonderful with beautiful creation is the manifestation of the creator. The creator loves, he creates and he also destroys. If we have a chance to ask the creator why you created such beautiful creation he will simply reply “my wish”. In fact this internal wish is the only source of creative art presentation. It is this internal force that has inspired me in my experimental projects of creation.

The composers of yesteryears have created marvel around, which we do not have chance to present often cause of various limitations. We singers entertain the audience, we sing for the request of the organizers but hardly we express our own soulful music. The underlying factor is that if there is no audience there is no role of the singer. Also it is true that people want to listen to good quality music.

The music of the flowing river is the soulful music, the buzzing of bee is also soulful but their objective is to reach a destination. With this purpose this time we have planned our presentation, “Parampara & Beyond” which will have a purpose, but the main interest is to be soulful. It is with this intent to pay tribute to the great maestros of Indian music, yet be creative, has made our project contemporary. The perfect occidental oriental blend is what makes our presentation unique. The skeletal structure of the good ol’ days nostalgia’[ presented in a new wrapping of modern day romanticism that too hemmed together by the great art of storytelling by eloqutionist Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee is a must watch list for you all.

If you all agree with me come together to join us at event “Parampara&Beyond” at GD Birla Sabhaghar on 28th May, 6:15 pm onwards. Tickets available online at as well as in Symphony and Melody Stores of Kolkata. See you soon.