The True, The Good, The Beautiful…. Satyam Sivam Sundaram

Woke up today morning with another sad news in Kerala. Religious fanatics will defy the public order always. It's over 100 and still counting. Only wonder at what number we will all agree that it is too much to enforce the rules over beliefs. We are too entangled with the religious beliefs that we forget the real intent of our religion. All the religions teach us the path of truthfulness and truth is the only way of maintaining the balance between our individual and the nature in natural way. The natural way of living, the simple way of living is the most beautiful and godly means of maintaining peace and harmony among human beings. In Upanishad it is well said in simple terms in Sanskrit “Satyam Sivam Sundaram” which explains the path to “Satyam, Sivam Adyitam”. This is why the old saying goes “the unity of law and love is the social welfare”.

Although, whatever is beautiful may not necessarily turn out to be genuine. We do not judge the quality of any painting or any performance of the singer by the qualitative value of the ingredients in the art creation he/she produces, but, we often start liking it on the first look. In Hindi we call it “pehle darshandhari phir gun bichari”. Any art form on the face value cannot be digested or imbibed or related but can only be enjoyed by our naked eyes and ear for the natural visual delight effect it produces. What is good to our eyes and ear is considered beautiful irrespective how qualitative the production may be. We basically see or hear in that art form what we want to see and and if that is clear in our mind then the art creation turns to be a beautiful presentation.

A simple example I can relate is when I visited Tiger Hill in Derjeeling to see the sunrise over the Kanchanjungha peaks. However, in the first time the sky was overcast with clouds hanging low obscuring the beauty of the sunrise in Tiger Hill. But once I had a belief to look beyond the clouds I could understand these clouds are only temporary. My special eye could see the beauty beyond the vaporized mass, and soon the snow clad peak glittering golden with the morning sun became visible to me …..the truth, the godly, the beautiful….