Tumi Robe Nirobe…..

In personal life of every individual, I believe two persons have immense influence on overall growth, development and progressive thought process. If the numero-uno position is the Mother, the next best place goes to our guide or Guru. Though unlike the place of mother who is very subjective and unique to each person, the place of our universal Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore is more of a personal role model and companion for every person linked by common chain of Bengali literature. The widely separated Bengali diaspora across globe is united by versatile Tagore’s philosophy in different space and time. I pay tribute to both these leaders on this Happy Mothers Day and also offer “Kabiguru loho pronam” on his birthday.

The invigorating works of Tagore is more acclaimed in expressions of Rabindrasangeet, but, unlike the poems and songs the most intriguing part of Gurudev’s work is the poetic expression in his letters and essays. The meaning of his phrases with literary embellishment changes with passage of time in different parts of day and with changing season. The solace it provides to generations at present can be translated into human embodiment of a true companion in good times and not so good times in same length. In a nutshell he is mentor who is transcendental over space and time, a true “Gurudev”.

In this month of May, I thought time is prudent to pay tribute to my mentors and musical champions of yesteryears. My upcoming project is in this line with reliving the moments of great composers of yesteryears. Say for example, I have grown up listening to maestro the Salil Choudhury. He like Gurudev is also a versatile character. An acclaimed, poet, singer, musician, music composer, background score designer to a more responsive social reformer and thespian personality. His life story is always stimulating and inspiring for our generation. In this background I welcome you all for the showcasing event of “Parampara & Beyond” on 28th May 2016 at GD Birla Sabhaghar in Kolkata starting from 6 PM onwards. Please be with me on said date time and venue. See you soon.