Falling in groove of Blog writing….

Today as I look around Blog writing has become a natural fashion today. Starting from celebrity to the freelancers, everyone has overnight turned a blog writer with varied thinking and ideology, sharing ideas, articulating with the world in a modern tech savvy way. Sometimes I think of those era when there was no newspaper, there was no reporter, how people used to share their information with the world. Maybe yesteryears people used to look forward more to the visionary leaders and get engrossed, inspired through their speeches. Then there were reformative writers who revolutionized the society through their storyline in novels and novellas. Wonder how the modern day writers and leaders would love this modern day blog writing art.

There is however considerable difference from yesteryears “diary-writing” culture and today’s “blog-writing” fashion. The most important of them is the information overload. Too much information is a vice and ignorance is the bliss, the saying though cliché is still pertinent in modern world. There are so many topics to write on in today’s world that blog writing is no more a creative work, but, more of a technician’s job who has mastered the art of information science.

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with an eternal boon by almighty, the genius of awesome art of forgetfulness. I’ve never been a gatekeeper of information allowing the selective passage of information sharing to the world during the course of blog writing. The lord has never entrusted me with job of information sharing in this blog, rather I’ve been blessed with introspection journey within, forgetting the worldly news outside.

Forgetfulness and getting lost, may seem confused, but, with an iota of difference. To make things simple I love to become forgetful, but, I’ve never lost in my thought process. May be I’ve been directed to make my mind a stagecraft rather than a curator of information. Its interesting in getting lost and finally getting found again and again in this world of blog. So what ever I write in this blog is natural expression, not a conscientious information sharing. But I wonder is this the real purpose of blog writing..