Happy Easters to all…

The southerly wind is blowing steady over my garden today and the molten sunrays kisses the mango inflorescence signaling the new beginning of nature spring with brand new life. The long weekend holidays after Holi and Good Friday are over as we are all back to work and so is life in my garden. The bees are busy as ever, the sparrow is back on my window seal, making me feel “what a beautiful world” it is. I take this opportunity to wish all my friends and loved ones that this feeling of spring be everlasting in your life.

I sometimes wonder whether God is in all those many multitude beautiful creation around us. The spring flowers, the birds switching branches, the honeybee busy on the mango blossom, everywhere there is happiness however only when there is harmony among all these activities. The butterfly fluttering wings are a treat for our eyes, but, once the wings are dismembered from the body it loses the beauty. Similar is the case with cut flowers in vases compared with garden flowers. Any attempt to overthrow the law of harmony is no more a beauty. That’s why the old saying goes “beauty is truth and truth is beauty”.

As I reflect on the lines of Tagore where in his poetic expression he has described “Majhe Majhe tobo dekha payi, chirodini keno payina….” the poet describes what is beautiful and godly is transient in nature. The moment we chase the wonderful creation it keeps on fleeting from us. We all understand this wonderful spring will also go away someday and the sultry humid summer is waiting on the door to show its nature soon. I only wish a warmth of this spring forever for your soul on this Easter and always.