Good singers are not born but created

The concept of hiring an artiste was prevalent from time immemorial. However, the rate chart varied with different houses hiring the artiste and paying the premium by houses showcasing their grace. For example if one house hires artiste for 1 lakh rupees the other house will dole out 1.2 lakhs for the same artiste in same time. The business process have however gone for an entire change in present circumstances with more of organizers and event managers offering discounted rates for the same artiste hiring today. So more and more the artiste’s performance is measured on cost benefit analysis. Therefore a singer when he or she performs the organizer and the house both open their debit credit accounts and the recall value is determined on the said analysis.

To stand out of the crowd of this run of mill entertainers, the idea of generating a niche market was the concept of branding. An entertainer is known for the brand he or she creates and commands. His or her competition is not with other performers but with his or her own brand perse. To create a brand and to maintain a brand is not a switch-on switch-off technology, but a gradual process of investment and image building. This constant process of investment leads to process of something from nothing, from darkness to light and again unison with fullness from empty.

Let us explain this with an example, in business the risk taking merchant invests on his achieved asset for achieving the unknown. The more he directs his achieved asset towards unknown his unachieved prospect chance increases. However, the conservative businessman will consider this investment as expenditure and will be prevented from achieving the unknown. In branding also the investment towards the image building, creating the niche market, standing out with an X-factor, is considered as investment to make one prepared for achieving the unlimited unknown.

I’m fortunate enough that I got some good mentors in my music career starting from my Guru Dr Manjulika Hazarika, Bidushi Late Shipra Basu, Shri Gautam Ghosal and thankfully got associated with good guides in this musical fraternity like Mr Tochan Ghosh, Mr Tapan Basu and moreover some awesome musicians like Santanu Baruah of Assam, Rupak & Ranendu in Kolkata and many more who created the singer in me. My branding would have been incomplete without my technical partners who constantly work on my website and social media creative development like Xigmapro and Dreamers and create a marvel around. Moreover, great bow to this vibrant city Kolkata, who allowed me to showcase my talent both as a performer artiste, as well as recording artiste. Fortunately, today an artiste can be created and no regret if one is not born with such talents…..